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What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty (commonly called surgical vaginal rejuvenation or reshaping) is a surgical procedure used to tighten and strengthen the walls of the vagina. The vaginal walls sometimes lose elasticity over the years because of age, childbirth, significant weight loss, or genetics. Our board-certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Otto Huertas, performs surgical procedures for women who feel uncomfortable with their vaginal appearance. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Huertas to learn more about vaginoplasty at Dallas Cosmetic Center.

Can I have Vaginoplasty?

During your consultation with Dr. Huertas, he will help you determine whether you're an ideal candidate for vaginoplasty. He'll go over your full medical history, age, and personal goals at this appointment before building your personalized treatment plan. You could be a candidate for a vaginoplasty if you:

  • Are interested in improving your sexual satisfaction
  • Hope to increase your self-confidence and sexuality
  • Are intimidated by the thought of wearing tight or revealing clothing, like bathing suits
  • Endure pain or soreness during sex or other sexual activity
  • Feel that your vaginal muscles did not recover after childbirth
  • Have a naturally large vaginal opening
  • Have significant vaginal laxity
  • Want to have an episiotomy repaired

Dr. Huertas' Surgical Technique

This vaginoplasty procedure removes the excess vaginal lining and strengthens the area's muscles and soft tissue. Vaginoplasty is usually completed in an accredited surgical facility under general anesthesia. Dr. Huertas will make incisions easily hidden within the vagina and then gently tighten the muscle tissue under the skin. Then, he'll reduce the size of the vaginal opening by removing some of the vaginal lining (mucosa). At the end of the surgery, Dr. Huertas will carefully suture the incisions closed for maximal results and small, discreet scars.

What to Expect

Following vaginoplasty, you can expect a bit of pain and tenderness, as well as bruising and swelling. Dr. Huertas recommends that you do not engage in sexual intercourse, use tampons, or overexert yourself for a period of 4 – 6 weeks following this procedure. In most circumstances, you can return to seated work after about a week with a full return to daily activities approximately three months after surgery. After healing from the surgical procedure, you can expect a restructured vaginal opening that looks and feels younger. Some patients report increased friction and heightened sensitivity during sexual intercourse.

What are the Benefits of Vaginoplasty?

This procedure offers benefits in both appearance and function of the vagina. First of all, vaginoplasty is meant to tighten the vagina, which can be especially useful for women who have gone through the process of childbirth. Additionally, it can be used to reduce urinary incontinence, another common side effect of having children. Lastly, our staff can improve the appearance of the labia, an area that can cause many women a great deal of insecurity.

Vaginoplasty FAQ 

How much does vaginoplasty cost?

The overall price of a vaginoplasty will vary from patient to patient, depending on their specific body and needs. During your consultation, Dr. Otto Huertas will listen to your questions, concerns, and goals before conducting a thorough assessment of your body. At this point, he can recommend a personalized treatment plan and provide a detailed cost estimate.

Will medical insurance cover vaginoplasty?

Due to its classification as an elective procedure, vaginoplasty is usually not covered by medical insurance. However, we can work with patients to find a treatment and financing plan that fits their budget.

Is a vaginoplasty painful?

Typically, our patients do not consider vaginoplasty to be painful. We use general anesthesia throughout the procedure and, once the patient is awake, they may notice some discomfort, swelling, soreness, and/or bruising, but this is usually manageable.

We Are Here For You

Let us put your worry and discomfort to rest with vaginoplasty surgery at Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX. Dr. Huertas is proud to cater to the needs and goals of each patient with unique treatment plans so that you can get your best results from surgery. If you would like to find out more about how to strengthen and restructure your vagina, please contact our Dallas, TX office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Huertas.

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