Office Policies



We're looking forward to scheduling your appointment. We try our best to see patients on schedule. Please remember that a medical practice is not like any other business. Some of our patients have complex concerns that require more time and attention than others with less complex problems. We also have to take care of patient emergencies when they arise, and these problems must take priority over routine appointments. Emergencies also include some phone calls from hospitals, other doctors, or patients.

We do not practice “Doc-in-a-box” type medicine and cannot always be exactly on schedule, though we try our best. Whenever we're off schedule, it is because of something that involves the care of another patient. We assume that you and your family would also expect extra time and care should that urgent need arise, even though it might make other patients have to wait longer than desired for their appointments. Please bear with us if we cannot always be on time, and be assured that we give each patient quality time with us.


Appointment Cancellations and No Shows

If you're unable to keep your appointment, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to make other arrangements so that other patients can use this time. Please notify our office of any appointment cancellations at least 24 hours in advance by calling the office. Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 fee for any appointments or cancellations made on the same day. Voice mail messages received after hours or on weekends or holidays to cancel or reschedule an appointment for the following business day will be considered a no-show. We reserve the right to charge you (not your insurance company) for a missed appointment. If you cancel your appointment with less than 24-hour notice, the fee is $25. If you miss your appointment without any notice, the fee is $50. Please be aware that insurance companies will not cover this expense. We place great effort into seeing our patients on time; however, maintaining a timely schedule also requires the cooperation and prompt arrival of our patients for their appointments.

We require keeping an active credit or debit card on file for all patients before scheduling any follow-up appointments. In the event of a declined card, you'll be given 48 hours to provide an alternative payment. If payment is not made, an additional processing fee of $15.00 will be added to your bill, which we'll mail to you. If you choose not to put a credit or debit card on file, we'll ask you to put a $50.00 deposit on your account.


Surgical Procedures (Office And Hospital)

We'll provide an estimate of the fees for these services based on the physician’s fee schedule, what your deductible is, and at what percentage your insurance company covers such services. This is only an estimate and is for the physician’s fees only. Any sum that your insurance does not cover, you will be responsible for paying in full. If you cancel or miss your pre-op appointment and do not reschedule, then your surgery will be canceled, and we will have the right to discontinue your care with Dallas Cosmetic Center/Otto Huertas MD PA due to medical liability reasons. There will be a $250 non-refundable fee for ALL canceled surgeries.

You must arrive on time for your scheduled surgical procedures. If you arrive late for your appointment, we may ask you to reschedule and will charge a $100 fee.


Laboratory, Radiology, and Other Diagnostic Services

Please check with your insurance company to verify what your insurance benefits allow for laboratory, well-woman blood work, mammograms, etc., as Dr. Huertas may order these during your visit. These services are billed separately by the laboratory that does these tests and are not covered by payments that you make to us. Any insurance claim disputes associated with a laboratory must be dealt with through that billing agent.


Fees and Payment Responsibility

Our fees are based on the usual and customary professional fees for a gynecologist in the Dallas area. The patient or their legal representative is ultimately responsible for all charges on services rendered. For services not covered by insurance, we accept cash or a credit or debit card.

After insurance has paid your claim, all outstanding balances are due in full upon receipt of the statement. If insurance has denied payment, then payment is due in full upon receipt of the statement. If you're expecting financial difficulty, please let us know this before services are rendered. Under special circumstances, payment arrangements can be made. Our office can set this up for you as a courtesy and can send you a monthly statement. However, it is your responsibility to know your monthly due date and the amount due. If you fail to make your monthly payments, Dallas Cosmetic Center/Otto Huertas MD PA has the right to send the account to an outside agency for collections.

We do not bill insurance for weight-loss consultation, pellet therapy, liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, vaginal rejuvenation, or any other cosmetic procedures, which puts the financial responsibility of those procedures on the patient.



Refunds are issued to the appropriate party. Patient refunds will not be processed until all active or past-due charges are paid in full. Amounts less than $50 will remain a credit on your account and can be refunded at your request.


Telephone Consultations

The office nurse can address and respond to any queries or worries. However, if she feels that the matter requires further attention or if the patient would like to speak directly with Dr. Huertas, we request that the patient schedule an in-office consultation.



Please note that because of the large number of plans with which we must work and the fact that each plan is different, it's your responsibility to determine whether or not you need to obtain a referral from your primary care physician.


Disability Forms and Medical Records Fees

There is a $25 fee for the review and completion of any insurance or disability forms (FMLA/Short Term Disability). This fee is billed directly to you (not your insurance company) and should be paid before the completion of the forms. Please allow 7–10 business days for the paperwork to be completed.

The release of your medical records is done only with your written consent, and there is a charge to release your medical records. Please be aware that the American Medical Association has recommended the following schedule for copies of medical records: $25 for the first 20 sheets copied, then $0.50 per sheet over 20. We will forward medical records to another physician at no charge.


Prescriptions and Refills

Please attempt to request new prescriptions or refills at your appointment time. If you need a medication refill between appointments, please instruct your pharmacist to fax the refill request to our office at 972-279-9008. A new medication will likely require a visit with the physician. Medications will not be filled after hours. Please update the office with your current pharmacy information for the most efficient refill services. Keep in mind that many pharmacies do not routinely carry all prescription drugs. Therefore, try to call for a refill a few days before taking your last dose to give the pharmacy a chance to order the drug. If you need to call the office for requests or refills, try to call during office hours as we must review your medical chart. Please have your pharmacy phone number available.

There is a charge of $50 for rewriting or reissuing prescriptions.


Emergency Care

If you have an urgent medical situation, dial 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room. If you have any questions or concerns during regular office hours please call us for advice.

Post-surgery patients will receive Dr. Huertas's after-hours pager number for emergency questions or concerns. Like anyone else, a physician has to be away or out of the city occasionally; at such times, you may rest assured that another qualified physician will be on-call.