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Designer Laser Vaginoplast (DLV) is the aesthetic surgical enhancement of the vulvar structures, labia minora, labia majora, mons pubis, perineum, introitus, and hymen.


Amanda: They go under the knife to improve everything from their eyes to their nose, to their lips but tonight we're going further south. There's a Dallas doctor who only focuses on beautifying what lies beneath the belt line. The 33 Shannon Franklin reports there is a real need for his services in North Texas.

Shannon Franklin: You're right, Amanda. He performs a procedure some consider the fastest growing one in plastic surgery. It is a Misses only makeover and while the operation may sound like a $7,000 out of pocket luxury to you, for many women it's much more like a lifesaver. For the first time.

Shannon Franklin: since she was a teenager, this Dallas woman can now bend down, even twist without discomfort.

Chris: It completely changes your life. Now, when someone says, "Do you want to go and do something?" I don't give it any thought.

Shannon Franklin: She suffered from the same thing maybe as many as 80% of women do and enlarge labia majora and/or labia minora. It creates pressure, friction and shaping in the genital area. It's something that can make sitting or playing sports nearly impossible. And sex, well, forget about it being fun or sexy.

Dr. Huertas: I have a lot of patients that they come in basically ashamed of their bodies. They don't want to even show their body parts to their partners.

Amanda: Dallas OB GYN, Dr. Otto Huertas has done hundreds of fixes. It's an outpatient surgery called labioplasty. The extra genital tissue is trimmed with a laser sometimes under just a local anesthesia.

Shannon Franklin: You got to take into consideration that with the media magazines and all that, a lot of women that are looking at this really perfect pictures of women, including the genital area. So, their self image usually changes a little bit.

Chris: Come here, come here.

Shannon Franklin: After having labioplasty, the things Chris couldn't do like this are now only a painful memory.

Chris: Sitting on airplanes, riding rides at Six Flags, going on water slides, things like that, everything, it affects every part of your life.

Shannon Franklin: Now "Let's go" is her motto and piece is being able to play with her Labrador.

Chris: I think that leaves you feeling very empowered.

Shannon Franklin: In Dallas, Shannon Franklin for 33 News.