Fat Grafting to the Labia Majora in Dallas, TX

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What is fat grafting to the labia Majora?

Do you want to rejuvenate the contours and fullness of your labia majora using your own fat tissue? Fat grafting for the labia majora is increasing in popularity due to its natural approach and benefits to feminine health. Fat grafting to the labia majora helps to correct some of the most common signs of aging and restores fullness by filling out the area with fatty tissue transferred from elsewhere on your body. By taking unwanted fat from your body, our board-certified gynecologist and surgeon, Dr. Otto Huertas, can skillfully re-inject the purified fat to desired areas of your labia majora. To learn more about autologous fat transfer, contact Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX to make an appointment with Dr. Huertas.

Who is a Candidate for Fat Grafting To The Labia Majora?

A fat transfer can help if you want to add natural-looking volume to your labia majora. Your own fat can enhance your labia majora with results similar to a dermal filler. However, a fat transfer can be a great choice if you'd like longer-lasting results. In order to be a candidate for a fat transfer, you should have enough extra fat on your body to fulfill your goals. You will also need to consult with Dr. Huertas to see if you qualify.

What Are the Benefits of Fat Grafting to the Labia Majora?

During the natural aging process, the labia majora can slowly become thinner and thinner. Fat grafting to the labia majora can be a tremendous benefit to any woman hoping to restore some us this volume, thereby increasing the livelihood of its appearance. As it uses fat from the patient's own body, this procedure also benefits the body by being completely natural, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.

What to Expect During Fat Grafting To The Labia Majora

Fat transfer is a two-part process that includes harvesting the fat and then injecting it into the labia majora. Since such a minimal amount of fat is needed, Dr. Huertas may use local anesthesia or intravenous sedation. To begin, Dr. Huertas will perform liposuction to remove fat, which will probably be taken from your hips, flanks, or abdomen. Once the fat is removed, it can be processed and then placed in syringes. Dr. Huertas will use different injection angles and techniques to provide high immersion rates into your labia majora for evenness. 

How Long is Recovery after Fat Grafting To The Labia Majora?

Our surgical team will monitor you until you can be sent home with a family member or friend. A follow-up appointment should be scheduled at Dallas Cosmetic Center within the week following the procedure so that Dr. Huertas can monitor your healing and results. You might feel uncomfortable with swelling and bruising at the liposuction site(s), as well as at the grafted area(s) of your labia majora.

Fat Grafting to Labia Majora FAQs

What causes the labia majora to look deflated?
The natural aging process can cause the labia to appear deflated. Additionally, childbirth can play a large factor in the appearance of the labia majora. Over time, these factors can contribute to the laxity of the labia and increased discomfort.

Will fat grafting tighten the labia majora?
Fat grafting to the labia can restore fullness to the area. This can help to slightly tighten the area. However, if you are needing to restore overall tightness, you might desire a laser vaginal treatment along with fat grafting.

Are results from fat grafting to the labia majora permanent?
Results of fat grafting to the labia can be long-lasting. However, there are some factors, such as the continued aging process, that can affect your results. In this instance, touch-up treatment can be provided to help maintain your optimal outcome.

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Fat transfer can be a wonderful way to increase volume, smoothen lines, and accentuate your beauty. We invite you to learn more about fat transfer at Dallas Cosmetic Center and how it can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. It may be an excellent choice for patients wanting a natural alteration and long-lasting results. Call our Dallas, TX office at your earliest convenience to set up your appointment with Dr. Huertas for fat grafting to your labia majora.

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