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Would you like to see a list of reviews about work by our board-certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Otto Huertas? Women and men from the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area and beyond have experienced first hand what it is like to have their medical care provided by Dr. Huertas and his experienced medical team at Dallas Cosmetic Center. These testimonials can be very informative for new and current patients. From gynecologic services and surgeries, cosmetic body procedures, hormone replacement therapies, nonsurgical treatments, and designer vaginal rejuvenation treatment, there are so many shared stories and personal testimonials from our patients for you to look through. We'd be thrilled for you to take some time to read through these reviews of Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX.

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Review from K.D.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Sep 22, 2014

I was extremely nervous going into the lipo procedure, but dr. huertas and his staff were EXTREMELY friendly. they were more than welcome to explain step by step so that i would feel comfortable and they continued to ask during the procedure how i was feeling. I have struggled with my weight for years and was so uncomfortable that i was not active. This surgery was the kick start i needed to feeling great. I was not expecting to be a skinny stick in any way but for once in my life I am feeling beautiful and sexy! I would say the surgery turned out way better than i ever would have thought. They didnt just do the surgery and then forget about me either. Dr. Huertas wanted me to come in several times after the surgery to make sure i was on track and doing well. The accountability gave me the strength to keep up with my transformation. I would reccomend him to EVERYONE! More

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