G-Spot Augmentation in Dallas, TX

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What is G-Spot Augmentation?

Board-certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Otto Huertas is one of the leading vaginal rejuvenation specialists in the Dallas, TX area. At Dallas Cosmetic Center, he is proud to offer his valued female patients G-spot augmentation to potentially improve orgasms for more satisfying sexual experiences. By injecting the anterior vaginal wall with collagen or autologous tissue harvested in our office, the procedure can enlarge this erogenous zone. If you'd like to be considered for G-spot augmentation with collagen or transferred fat, please call and speak with one of our knowledgeable patient care coordinators to schedule an appointment.

Who is a Candidate for g-spot augmentation?

If you're a woman who wants to heighten your sexual experience or who has trouble achieving orgasms vaginally, then G-spot augmentation may be amazing for you. You can discuss your options confidentially with Dr. Huertas. If you're interested in using your own fat for G-spot augmentation, we only need to harvest a small amount of it for this technique. However, it does make the procedure longer.

What Are the Benefits of G-Spot Augmentation?

G-spot augmentation can enhance sexual sensation for women, as well as make their g-spot easier to find for their partner. This can lead to a healthier, more fulfilled sex life, and all it takes is a quick, 15-minute treatment. A better sex life can also often lead to improved relationships, less stress, and an enhanced mood.

What to Expect During G-Spot Augmentation

In a private treatment room, Dr. Huertas can inject collagen or your own purified autologous tissue into your G-spot for augmentation. If you select to use collagen, your appointment will probably take about 15 minutes. We'll inject collagen into your anterior vaginal wall (in the G-spot). 

If you choose to have your own fat injected, then Dr. Huertas will harvest a small amount of fat to prepare for injection. This can add about 45 minutes to an hour to your appointment. Once ready, we'll inject your purified fat into your G-spot.

After the injection, you'll be able to go home. 

How Long is Recovery after G-Spot Augmentation?

There is no recovery period after a G-spot augmentation. In fact, we recommend that you have sexual intercourse as soon as you feel ready to test it out.

As for additional sessions, Dr. Huertas can discuss how often you should have G-spot augmentations to maintain your results. This is a temporary enhancement that will need to be refreshed every so often throughout the year. You may also consider having other treatments or procedures at Dallas Cosmetic Center to further enhance and intensify your orgasms through surgical or laser vaginal rejuvenation.

G-Spot Augmentation FAQs

How long do results from G-Spot augmentation last?
The results from G-Spot augmentation will vary depending on if fat grafting was performed. Typically, patients will desire touch-up treatments over time. At your initial consultation, Dr. Huertas will let you know what you can expect and when touch-up appointments may be necessary.

What is the recovery process of G-Spot augmentation?
There is no major downtime associated with G-Spot augmentation. Patients are able to have intercourse following their treatment. Our team will also provide any necessary aftercare instructions to ensure optimal results.

How do I know if I need fat grafting during G-Spot augmentation?
During your initial consultation at Dallas Cosmetic Center, Dr. Huertas will talk with you about your desired results to determine the best course of treatment for you. The goal is to enhance your sexual experience, which is why we curate customized procedure plans specifically for you.

Take the next Steps for a Consultation

If you want to explore your options for G-spot augmentation, please reach out to one of our patient care coordinators at Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX. We are accepting new patients. You can call for a consultation for our G-spot augmentation and other incredible vaginal rejuvenation treatments provided by Dr. Huertas.

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