How To Make Your BBL Results Last For Years

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Aside from having a successful procedure and a gorgeous outcome, fewer things are more important when it comes to BBL surgery than achieving long-lasting results. With an experienced surgeon and proper aftercare, all of these are possible! Use this helpful information from board-certified cosmetic surgeon and gynecologist Dr. Otto Huertas and the knowledgeable team at Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX to learn more about what to do – and what not to do – to keep your newly enhanced buttocks looking fabulous for years to come.

What is a BBL?

BBL, which is short for a Brazilian butt lift, is an innovative body contouring surgery that aims to sculpt a fuller, rounder buttocks through liposuction and fat transfer. As an added benefit, patients also enjoy a trimmer contour in the area of fat removal. It is important for patients to understand that, despite its name, the Brazilian butt lift is not designed to address loose, excess skin. While some skin tightening will likely occur after the buttocks is filled out during BBL, patients whose primary concern is sagging skin may be better suited to another procedure. During your initial consultation for BBL in Dallas, Dr. Huertas will thoroughly evaluate and discuss your concerns to determine whether BBL, another procedure, or a combination of treatments may be right for you.

How does BBL work?

Brazilian butt lift begins with a tiny incision near the fat removal site. A handheld device, or cannula, is used to harvest healthy fat cells via liposuction. These fat cells are then separated and purified in our on-site laboratory using a specialized machine called a centrifuge. Once the fat has been prepared in syringes, Dr. Huertas will methodically inject fat cells into the buttocks in thin, precise layers. Using an advanced massage technique between each layer, Dr. Huertas will ensure a smoother, more even, and more natural-looking butt shape.

What is the Brazilian butt lift recovery process?

BBL recovery may vary somewhat from person to person, depending on the site of liposuction, how much fat was transferred, and other factors. Generally speaking, however, most patients are able to return to work within 1 – 2 weeks with certain restrictions, including using a special pillow when sitting or driving. Full recovery after BBL can take up to 4 – 6 weeks, and the final results of BBL may take up to 6 – 12 months to become apparent.

Is a Brazilian butt lift permanent?

Patients considering BBL should understand that no cosmetic procedure is 100% permanent, nor can cosmetic surgery stop the aging process. Over time, BBL patients may notice subtle changes in their results due to aging, lifestyle, gravity, and other factors. However, with proper Brazilian butt lift aftercare and a healthy lifestyle, patients can enjoy their BBL results for many, many years. To maintain your curvy new figure after BBL, use these helpful tips:

  • Follow all BBL aftercare guidelines
  • Do not place direct pressure on your buttocks until cleared by your surgeon
  • Sleep on your stomach or side
  • Use a special pillow or donut when seated or driving
  • Maintain a stable weight
  • Do not smoke

Arguably, the most critical factor in preserving your BBL results is to avoid significant weight fluctuation. Like other fat cells in the body, the fat cells transferred during BBL can swell or shrink with subsequent weight gain or weight loss, which can alter the size and shape of your buttocks. For this reason, women considering Brazilian butt lifts are encouraged to wait until they are done having children to undergo the procedure, and all patients are instructed to maintain a stable weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise after healing is complete.

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If you’re like most people, plumping up your butt is virtually impossible, no matter how many squats you do. Join the men and women who have finally achieved the Hollywood-worthy physique of their dreams with BBL in Dallas, TX. To learn more about the gorgeous, natural-looking, long-lasting results that are possible for you, call Dallas Cosmetic Center to schedule your private Brazilian butt lift consultation with acclaimed board-certified cosmetic surgeon and gynecologist Dr. Otto Huertas today!

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