How Often Should New HRT Pellets Be Inserted?

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At Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX, board-certified physician Dr. Otto Huertas proudly offers hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to men and women who experience imbalanced hormones. Often starting in our mid-30s or during menopause and andropause, hormone issues can cause tiredness, a lower libido, mental fog, hair loss, and more. It can also help patients who experience problems with their thyroid. HRT regularizes hormones and reduces uncomfortable symptoms caused by hormonal fluctuations. Please read through our blog and schedule an appointment to learn more.

What are HRT pellets?

HRT pellets are a blended mix of estrogen or testosterone and made from natural plant products. These plant materials have the same molecular structure as the hormones in our body. We can compound them into small pellets, which look like grains of rice. Once placed underneath the skin, the pellet will slowly release hormones directly into your bloodstream and provide balance.

How are hormone imbalances diagnosed?

For both men and women, we will run a series of diagnostic testing during a consultation. Usually, the testing includes:

  • Discussing medical history, concerns, or family medical history
  • Performing a pelvic exam
  • Evaluating blood work
  • Completing a urinalysis

When designing your treatment plan and deciding on the dosage amount for your pellet, Dr. Huertas will consider all of your tests. After selecting the best dosage, we can place the pellet. To do this, Dr. Huertas inserts the specialized pellet underneath the skin near the hip or buttocks. Patients will need to replace their HRT pellets every 4 – 6 months.

What is the regular hormone replacement therapy dosage?

The dosage amount will depend on the diagnostic testing results and your needs. Generally, we will start with a low hormone amount to ensure this treatment works well for you. Throughout the treatment, Dr. Huertas will review new blood tests and change the dosage amount as needed.

What to do after pellet insertion?

Once we have inserted the pellet, you won’t have much upkeep! We will place a small bandage over the spot, and you can take it off after 48 hours. If you need to, you can wear another Band-Aid for any drainage. For the first three days, you should avoid hot tubs, pools, or baths. Additionally, you should not participate in strenuous activity for the next 3 – 4 days. Finally, you may experience some redness, bruising, and tenderness near the treatment area. These side effects will subside on their own in about 4 – 14 days. In rare cases, patients may experience an infection. If this happens, please call Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX as soon as possible because you may need an antibiotic.

Learn more about hormone pellet therapy

If you experience symptoms because of hormone irregularities, HRT can provide relief. At Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX, Dr. Otto Huertas is dedicated to helping his patients manage their menopause, andropause, or thyroid issues. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Huertas to learn more about HRT and its benefits.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you live a better quality of life.

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