How Much Activity Can I Engage in After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

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If you have recently undergone a Brazilian butt lift, you probably love the results and want to return to your everyday lifestyle. However, you might wonder how much activity you can engage in following the surgery. You can take short walks almost immediately following the surgery. In fact, it is important to get up and move around to avoid the development of blood clots. However, you should avoid any strenuous activities for a few weeks after surgery.

Dr. Otto Huertas is a board-certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon at Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX who specializes in Brazilian butt lift surgery. The butt enhancement procedure helps you attain a more rounded rear end. A Brazilian butt lift is ideal if you have recently undergone weight loss or aging has caused flat or sagging buttocks.

All about the Brazilian butt lift

At Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX, Dr. Huertas uses a combination of fat grafting and transfer through liposuction to not only smooth and flatten certain areas of your body but also create rounder buttocks. The fat gathered during the liposuction is re-injected into the buttocks to provide a very natural-looking result.

Dr. Huertas will meet with you for a consultation at our Dallas office to evaluate your goals and carry out a full examination to ensure that you have adequate fat to gather for injection into your buttocks. If you do not have enough fat for extraction, then a Brazilian butt lift might not be the right choice for you.

During the initial examination, Dr. Huertas will also examine your skin’s elasticity. If your skin is wrinkled or sagging in your rear end, you might not attain the result you are seeking with the Brazilian butt lift.

The ideal candidates for a Brazilian butt lift should maintain a stable weight and have enough fat for extraction. If you do not have adequate fat reserves, you might want to consider synthetic buttock implants.

The results of the Brazilian butt lift

A Brazilian butt lift can give you a rounder and firmer rear end. However, it will not remove or treat loose and sagging skin. A butt lift is a surgical procedure that removes loose skin to tighten the area. However, a Brazilian butt lift simply adds volume to your rear end to create a rounder appearance using fat gathered from your own body.

Care after a Brazilian butt lift

Following a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Huertas and his team will provide you with concise care instructions to ensure a speedy recovery. You’ll need to avoid sitting on your rear end for two weeks. You can use a special donut-shaped pillow or nursing pillow that places your body’s pressure on your thighs when you sit instead of your buttocks. Following the procedure, you will be encouraged to do light stretching and take short walks to reduce post-surgical swelling and assist your body’s circulation process in avoiding blood clots.

Schedule a Brazilian butt lift consultation in Dallas

Are you ready to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift and what you can expect after the procedure? If so, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Otto Huertas at Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX. Dr. Huertas will conduct a full evaluation to determine if the Brazilian butt lift will help you meet your goals. At the consultation, you can ask questions to determine if the BBL is the right option to give you the curves you seek.

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