How Big Can I Go With Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

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If you’re unsatisfied with your butt and are thinking about Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery, you might be wondering just how big you can go. To many people, that might sound like an odd question, but when you get the opportunity to help choose the shape and size of a feature, you need all the information you can get.

At Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX, board-certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Otto Huertas performs BBL surgery often and is skilled at answering questions about butt lift and enhancement surgery.

Below, we’ll look at some of the advice you might get and things to consider when considering how big to go when it comes to BBL.

What is a Brazilian butt lift, and how does it enhance my butt?

BBL surgery has been popular because it offers a natural way to combat weight loss, aging, and hereditary characteristics that make your butt look flat or saggy. It’s also a way to add volume where you don’t have it without getting implants.

A Brazilian butt lift involves fat grafting and fat transfer. The first step is liposuction, which gently suctions subcutaneous fat from elsewhere in your body (usually stubborn fat pockets that don’t respond well to diet and exercise).

One of the biggest reasons to get BBL surgery in Dallas, TX with Dr. Huertas is his artistry during the second part of the procedure. Fat transfer is about more than simply adding more fat to the butt. It’s about using it to create a lifted appearance and/or master the shape of your ideal feature. This makes the conversation with Dr. Huertas prior to the surgery very important – that’s when you explain your goals, and he can tell you just what’s possible.

How big can my butt get with BBL surgery?

There are limits to how much volume Dr. Huertas can add to the buttocks during a Brazilian butt lift. Because this is not an implant surgery, you are typically limited by the amount of fat that can be taken from elsewhere to transfer. And not all fat can be targeted with liposuction.

There are two basic kinds of fat – subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is the stubborn extra fat that jiggles or prevents us from having the shapely body we want even after diet and exercise. It can be found on nearly everyone, especially on the abdomen, upper back, and thighs. Visceral fat is deeper and is more common if you’re overweight. This can’t be removed with liposuction because it’s wrapped around your organs.

If you don’t have enough subcutaneous fat to create your desired shape, another type of surgery will suit you better. The surgery is also best performed on those whose skin still has good elasticity and is not sagging or wrinkled in the area because it can only exacerbate those issues.

Finally, BBL surgery has optimal results for those who maintain a stable weight and are near their goal weight. Significant weight gain or loss following the surgery can affect the final results.

Get a Brazilian butt lift in Dallas, TX

Brazilian butt lift surgery is one of the most popular procedures performed at Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX. This has allowed board-certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Otto Huertas to master his craft.

If you’re interested in lifting and sculpting the buttocks and removing stubborn fat from areas you don’t want it to enhance your buttocks, schedule a consultation with Dr. Huertas to see if you’re a candidate for BBL surgery.

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