Could I Have Sagging Skin After Liposuction?

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Liposuction is a wonderful way to remove unwanted fat pockets and sculpt the body, but the cosmetic treatment does not tighten the skin. Your skin might take on a loose or saggy appearance following a liposuction procedure if your skin lacks elasticity. Ideally, anyone considering undergoing liposuction should have a certain degree of elasticity left in their skin so they do not experience a stretched-out or sagging appearance from the cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Otto Huertas is a board-certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon at CosmeticGyn Center in Dallas, Texas. He will meet with you for a consultation to discuss liposuction and determine if the cosmetic procedure is right for your needs.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Huertas will evaluate your skin’s elasticity prior to the procedure to make sure that it will not leave you with a saggy appearance. It takes planning to prevent your skin from appearing loose following the liposuction procedure. He will discuss the realistic expectations from liposuction so you know the possible results and can determine if liposuction is right for you.

All About Liposuction

During the liposuction procedure, Dr. Huertas will use a stainless-steel cannula that is connected to a suction pump to remove unwanted fat. He will make a small incision in the skin to insert the cannula to make small tunnels into the fat layers. Suction is used via the cannula to pull out the fat cells using infrasonic energy that breaks the fat cells up and helps minimize any damage to healthy tissue.

The liposuction technique used by Dr. Huertas at CosmeticGyn Center in Dallas, Texas does not generate heat. The system also features a safety switch that turns off the system if it encounters something that is not fat.

A combination of the vibration produced by the cannula and the movement of the device helps block pain. The cannula effortlessly glides through the fat layers and delivers local anesthesia to eliminate any pain or discomfort. The design of the cannula helps it enter fibrous tissue with ease and can even maneuver around tough areas to provide maximum body sculpt with less bruising than other liposuction techniques.

What to expect after liposuction

It takes several weeks of at-home recovery following liposuction. The recovery time does vary depending on how many areas receive liposuction and the size of the area. You will have bruising and swelling for about one to two weeks. Dr. Huertas will remove the sutures at the offices of CosmeticGyn Center in Dallas in about seven days.

Following liposuction, you’ll need to give your body sufficient time to heal by avoiding strenuous activity. You’ll need to gradually build up your strength by walking and other forms of light exercise.

It will take around six weeks to start noticing body contouring changes and a full six to 10 months before you can completely enjoy your new body shape.

Schedule a liposuction consultation in Dallas, TX

If you would like to learn if you are a suitable candidate for liposuction and whether you might experience sagging skin after the procedure, then we encourage you to schedule a consultation. Dr. Huertas will meet with you at CosmeticGyn Center in Dallas, TX to listen to your body contouring goals and discuss what you can expect from liposuction. Contact us today to learn more.

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