Can Hormonal Imbalance Be Genetic?

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Like it or not, our genes play a major role in who we are, from height to hair color to athletic ability. Unfortunately, our genetic makeup can also put us at greater risk to develop certain conditions. Knowing your family history and genetic predispositions can be extremely helpful for the prevention, early diagnosis, and/or treatment of potential problems. Many men and women with hormonal imbalance wonder whether their condition could be genetic, and if so, how it can be treated effectively. 


The caring team at Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX, led by board-certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Otto Huertas, understands the incredibly frustrating nature of hormone imbalance and is proud to offer advanced bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help patients feel more like themselves and enjoy life once again. Learn more about hormone imbalance here, including whether it may be genetic and what treatment options you have. 


What is hormone imbalance?  

Hormonal imbalance refers to the circumstance when a patient’s hormone levels are out of the normal physiologic range. Most often, hormone imbalance is specifically related to the hormones estrogen (in women) and testosterone (in men). 


What causes hormonal imbalance?  

Throughout a person’s life, their hormone levels naturally rise and fall. During puberty and adolescence, the hormones typically peak while menopause and andropause bring about an expected decline in hormone levels. However, there are a number of other reasons why the hormone levels may be abnormal at unexpected times. Some of the most common causes of fluctuating or abnormal hormone levels include: 


  • Puberty 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Menopause (women) 
  • Andropause (men) 
  • Stress 
  • Certain medications  
  • Steroid use 
  • Certain conditions  


Is hormonal imbalance genetic?  

In most cases, hormonal imbalance can be explained by one or more of the factors above and is not necessarily considered to be a genetic or hereditary problem. However, patients with a family history of certain conditions that cause symptoms of hormone imbalance can certainly be at greater risk to develop those conditions themselves. In either case, treatment with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help to restore normal hormone levels and alleviate the patient’s symptoms. 


What are the symptoms of hormone imbalance?  

While the range and severity of symptoms can vary, the majority of patients with hormone imbalance experience some degree or combination of the following: 


  • Weight gain 
  • Loss of muscle mass 
  • Loss of bone density 
  • Thinning hair 
  • Mood swings 
  • Hot flashes 
  • Night sweats 
  • Decreased libido 
  • Sexual dysfunction  
  • Low energy level  


What is hormone replacement therapy?  

Hormone replacement therapy is a life-changing treatment that aims to restore the patient’s hormones to the normal physiologic range and dramatically improve or reverse their symptoms. At Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX, Dr. Huertas offers advanced bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which involves the use of plant-based hormones that mimic the body’s natural hormones virtually identically. With the innovative BHRT pellet delivery system, patients enjoy a consistent dose of hormone therapy that lasts up to 4 – 6 months between treatments. 


Do I qualify for hormone replacement therapy?  

During your initial consultation for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Dallas, Dr. Huertas will take a thorough health history and perform a number of tests, which may include blood work, urinalysis, a physical examination, and imaging studies. Based on this information, Dr. Huertas will determine whether hormone replacement therapy is appropriate for you. A common misconception about BHRT is that it is reserved only for older patients. In reality, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy can be enjoyed by patients as young as 30 who are beginning to notice the earliest signs of perimenopause or andropause. 


Feel like yourself again with Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Dallas, TX 

If the symptoms of hormone imbalance are interfering with your everyday life, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help. Call the expert team at Dallas Cosmetic Center in Dallas, TX to schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Otto Huertas today, and take the first step toward restoring your energy, relieving your symptoms, and living life to the fullest once again! 

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